Aftermath of the Flood at Hogar Belen

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Flood damage in Moquegua

As you may have heard, recently a rush of flood waters has devastated Moquegua and the surrounding area resulting in the children and caretakers at Hogar Belen to lose access to their home. They are safe, being kept off site thanks to relief groups in Peru, but Hogar Belen is in its worst state since the earthquake of 2001.

Neale and the crew have decided to shift their focus of the upcoming April 4th – 11th trip from Digital Literacy training to helping rebuild as much as they possibly can. This trip is now completely dedicated to getting Hogar Belen back to a live-able state as soon as possible. While we would like to continue our efforts towards digital literacy in the future, obviously technology is a luxury that cannot be afforded at the moment.

If you would be so kind as to join us for a moment to look around you: To see the abundance that surrounds you, the food security and personal safety that you take for granted; the climate controlled, Internet-connected life you lead.” Wellspring released in a statement, “And then, the thread bare home and community you have come to rely on as your own is turned upside down by an epic flood. The bridges in and out of your town have been swept away, food; electricity, water and basic necessities are scarce.”

Relief tents in Peru

This is why we need your help. We will do as much as we can while in Hogar Belen to rebuild, but your donations and support go a long way towards helping this community recover and continue the amazing progress we have already made. Your support can help us get back on track towards improving the lives of these children and people who have dedicated their time to providing them a better future.

Your donations will go directly toward purchasing the materials and tools necessary to help rebuild. Please help our volunteers reach their goal of $3,000 per person to go on this trip who have been literally swept from their home. Even if you can’t donate, share this post to spread the message of hope out there into the masses. You can donate directly here on our website and share this post and more by following us on Facebook. Thank you.

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