Rebekah Samples

RebekahAs a young girl, Rebekah always had a heart for helping others and traveling the world. Her degrees from UNC supported this philanthropy as she chose a path emphasizing children studies and sociology. Her passion for helping children and making a difference in their life was one of the many reasons that her and Neale Bayly are dear friends. She has always been a huge supporter of what Wellspring is doing for the communities in many different countries. Now, 5 years later, Rebekah has joined Wellspring International Outreach as a board member. Wellspring’s structure is to help children in remote parts of the world where access may be limited, and with her passion for travel and love for motorcycles is a perfect fit for the team.

With her background in business and child behavior, Rebekah is excited to be a member of the team at Wellspring; not only to participate, but also to help grow the organization as a whole, spreading health, ministry, and education, to the many lives they touch.

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