A New Project for Wellspring in Kenya

Published on: Nov 10, 2017     1 comment

Brandon McDearis, a longtime Wellspring supporter, and Neale Bayly, Wellspring’s founder, are working together with Sister Jiovanna Lozada Beltran on a new project to help disabled children in Matuu, Kenya. Sister Jiovanna previously worked with Wellspring in Hogar Belen a Community of the Congregation Our Lady of the Missions (Nuestra Señora de las Misiones) before shifting her focus to these children five years ago. Neale and Brandon have been helping these children privately over the years, but are now ready to fully bring Wellspring into the fold and make Kenya an official Wellspring project.

Neale Bayly and Brandon McDearis just outside of the orphanage in Peru.

Brandon McDearis previously worked with Wellspring, and helped build Wellspring into what it is today. Neale spoke about Brandon’s previous commitments to Wellspring and what he’s been up to for the past few years:

Brandon McDearis has been a friend of mine for 10 years and made three trips to Peru with me as support truck driver and nutrionalist, providing hydration and nutrition to our riders on the journey. He was originally on the board of directors, but stepped back for a few years as he pursued a vigorous travel schedule, cooking for scientific expeditions in Antarctica to running lodges in Alaksa, and many other places in between.

And now Brandon is back to help Wellspring with this new project, alongside Neale, Sister Jiovanna, and future Wellspring volunteers.

Sister Jiovanna with one of the children in Kenya.

On November 19th, Neale and Brandon will head to Matuu, Kenya to assess what kind of support is most needed from Wellspring and to leave the donations that have already been placed. Then, Brandon will continue to work as the Community Director on the project and oversee future fund raising and support efforts in Kenya. Neale also spoke a little bit about a possible future incentive for adventurous supporters and volunteers:

After we have assessed the needs with Sister Jiovanna, Brandon and I will be heading to Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro. While this is a purely personal goal for us, we are wanting to assess the possibilities of taking people on this hike to raise money for Wellspring, in the same way I use the Neale Bayly Rides adventures to raise money for our current projects.

Of course, the hike to Kilimanjaro is still in the planning stages as to whether or not it will be available to Wellspring supporters, but hopefully we will be ready announce something soon!

We are excited to officially announce this new project in Kenya that will exist alongside our already existing projects in Peru and South Africa. If you would like to support this project specifically with a donation, be sure to leave the word “Kenya” with your donation.

Thank you so much for your support, and we hope to have more information on the Kenya project very soon!

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider donating or volunteering.

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