The Volunteer Experience: Michael Lust

Published on: Oct 2, 20171 comment

Michael Lust, a volunteer with Wellspring International, gave great insight into what he learned from his time at Hogar Belen:

“Open your hearts. If you can’t come down and help, help monetarily. It doesn’t take much… The cost of a latte goes a long way down here.”

People often wonder what they can expect when they volunteer at a place like Hogar Belen. What exactly do you do all day? Who are you working with? What do you eat while you’re there?

Michael discusses the volunteer experience with Wellspring International and our team in Moquegua, Peru and covers what other volunteers could expect from their time volunteering at Hogar Belen in this interview.

In just a week, Michael helped build two temporary living quarters and fixed a tractor, some chairs, and a few roofs. He helped us move closer to our goal, but most importantly he learned about the love, passion, and sacrifice that drives the staff at Hogar Belen.

As Michael stated, helping our cause takes much less effort than you might think. When you volunteer, you work with a team of incredibly passionate people all working together to reach a common goal. You, our team, and the staff at Hogar Belen will work together to continually make this a more hospitable place.

If volunteering isn’t possible for you, donating even the smallest amount can go a long way in making sure our project in Moquegua keeps moving forward.

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider donating or volunteering.

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