In South Africa

While touring South Africa in 2013 with Anthony Carrino of HGTV and Johan Keyser of Moto motivo, Neale Bayly met an elderly woman living with her six grandchildren in abject poverty in the Mzholozi settlement, White River, SA. After hearing her story and seeing their living conditions, it was decided to help Ouma and her kids by building a better home for them.

In November of 2014, Neale returned to lead a motorcycle tour benefitting WIO. Each rider pledged to raise funds for the project and WIO volunteer, Drew Alexander coordinated the construction of Ouma’s new home. With help from riders and friends, WIO was able to provide Ouma with a new home. In addition, when asked for help by Mzholozi community leaders a second home was constructed for another woman caring for eight children. As an ongoing commitment from riders of WIO SA Tour 2014, monthly donations provide food, clothing and cares for Ouma’s family.

During the visit in November 2014, WIO volunteers identified the need of a community kitchen for the orphans of Mzholozi. In November 2016, WIO volunteers will return to fulfill this promise to the orphans of Mzholozi . WIO plans include a multi use building with kitchen facility, secured storage and supplies. Ancillary projects for Mzholozi include a garden, chicken coops and playground area if funds are available.

If you would like to support our efforts in South Africa, please consider donating or volunteering.
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