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South Africa WIO Ride
  Apr 8, 2019

On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Drew and Neale left America bound for South Africa for the first full WIO motorcycle ride to...Read More →

  Feb 28, 2019

As you may have heard, recently a rush of flood waters has devastated Moquegua and the surrounding area resulting...Read More →

  Apr 18, 2018

Last year Don Morrison wrote about our plans for improving digital literacy at Hogar Belen. Now, we are ready to give...Read More →

  Jan 4, 2018

Late last year Wellspring announced its plans to expand its reach to Matuu, Kenya. Our volunteers, along with the help...Read More →

  Nov 14, 2017

At Wellspring, volunteers get to experience the adventure, excitement, fun, and love of visiting these regions and helping...Read More →

  Nov 10, 2017

Brandon McDearis, a longtime Wellspring supporter, and Neale Bayly, Wellspring’s founder, are working together with...Read More →

  Oct 24, 2017

Sally Ann Frank, a longtime Wellspring volunteer and contributor, spoke recently in an interview with Neale Bayly about...Read More →

  Oct 17, 2017

Wellspring’s Founder and President Neale Bayly recently wrote for BMW Magazine about his experience riding with...Read More →

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