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Late last year Wellspring announced its plans to expand its reach to Matuu, Kenya. Our volunteers, along with the help of Sister Jiovanna, and your donations will be able to change the lives of these disabled children who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn to. As we stated before, Neale Bayly and Brandon McDearis recently took a trip to Matuu to figure out how Wellspring’s help could best be utilized.

“With this first trip to Matuu being a chance to assess the needs and strategize our plans going forward, we are happy with our findings.” – Neale Bayly, Wellspring International’s Founder

Neale Bayly helping Joseph, a deaf mute boy, with his writing.

While we are still investigating how Wellspring can specifically help those in Matuu, there are quite a few leads thanks to a program called Tai Wangai.

The Sisters in Matuu are already operating health clinics, working with the disabled from funding wheelchairs to transportation to Doctors, and holding physical therapy clinics around the local area. They also have a full time physical therapist on staff at their facility in Matuu. The program the Sisters run, Tai Wangai (God’s Mercy) reaches into the rural villages with twelve individual aid workers for support.

Sister Jiovanna (right) talking with the Mothers who are waiting for their children to receive physical therapy from Tai Wangai.

These twelve Sisters are the main source of support for the children and families in this area. They give their time, energy, and sometimes much more to support this community.

In addition to helping with medical needs, schooling, physical therapy for those who need it, the Sisters also have programs to assist the villagers financially. They have a program where two goats are given, with one female being required for payment from the offspring and also a program to develop kitchen gardens to supplement food. There is also a small micro finance program to assist the mothers with small loans.

Jane (right), a community worker for Tai Wengai, out in a village with Joseph a deaf mute they help with schooling with Brandon (left) and Sister Jiovanna (center).

Brandon McDearis will lead the project in Kenya alongside Sister Jiovanna. Wellspring is still in discussions to figure out the best way to support Tai Wangai and the people of Matuu, Kenya. As stated before, this is an exciting new addition to Wellspring’s efforts and will not redirect any of our resources away from our already firmly planted projects in Peru and South Africa. However, if you would like to support this project specifically with a donation, be sure to leave the word “Kenya” with your donation.

We will hopefully have more information about Matuu and our plans for support very soon. When we do, we will update you as soon as we have something to share!

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider donating or volunteering.

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