Neale Bayly Rides Peru

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Wellspring’s Founder and President Neale Bayly recently wrote for BMW Magazine about his experience riding with a group of strangers through Peru towards Moquegua. In this article he writes of how friendships and bonds are formed by the harsh and unforgiving landscape of Peru, and how their group powered through the wind, rain, snow, and desert landscapes to reach their goal at Hogar Belen.

Some of the children at Hogar Belen.

This story showcases just one of the many ways that volunteers can potentially visit the site at Hogar Belen, and this is certainly one of the most adventurous. In Neale’s own words:

“There is a joy in watching a group of strangers become friends. The camaraderie, the support, and the shared adventure add to the magnitude of the experience, as each day brings new highs, sights, sounds and smells. Peru is never easy; it demands your full attention. It punishes the weak. But it also rewards the strong and attentive with incredibly rare, precious moments like holding a baby llama, taking pictures of an indigenous Indian in local dress, or sharing the excitement of the previous stretch of dirt road with a dozen dusty comrades at the next coffee stop.”

The group took many stops along the way; The wonderous sights of Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, to the snow-capped mountains at Arequipa where riders had to fight intense weather, as well as thinning air that made it a struggle just to breath. But thanks to their perseverance, and their eight BMW motorcycles, they were able to make it through the terrain relatively unscathed.

Read more about Neale Bayly’s experience on BMW Magazine’s website here:

Neale Bayly Rides Peru | BMW Magazine

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