The Volunteer Experience: Sally Ann Frank

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Sally Ann Frank, a longtime Wellspring volunteer and contributor, spoke recently in an interview with Neale Bayly about her personal experience at Hogar Belen in Moquegua, Peru.

“It was really a different kind of experience, and one that I didn’t anticipate in any way. But it touched my heart in a place that I didn’t know existed.”

Sally Ann tells a story about her connection to Hogar Belen found in a girl named Maria, who is the same age as her daughter back home. In the interview below, Sally Ann talks about her time spent with Maria and how she gave whatever she could to help the girl and the people of Hogar Belen before she left.

As Sally Ann said, Hogar Belen is a community of love an acceptance. At Wellspring, it is our goal to spread the message of Hogar Belen, and to show others that helping those who are less fortunate can affect them in ways they never expected. Wellspring volunteers get a first hand experience at not just feeling like they’re making the world a better place, but they get to see their influence in action.

sally ann volunteer talking with maria

sally ann volunteer with maria

Sally Ann also wrote a blog post for Wellspring about the five words that help define Hogar Belen as her Happy Place. Check that out to learn more about her personal connection to the orphanage and how you could potentially learn to love Hogar Belen as a volunteer too.

Your donations go a long way toward helping the orphans and staff in Moquegua. As Sally Ann said, all donations go directly toward Hogar Belen and helping the orphanage flourish. Choosing to donate or volunteer today could start your life on a journey of self-discovery as well being an aid to those in need.

“Until you experience something like this, you don’t really know the depths of your ability and your compassion to love and open your heart.”

If you would like to support our efforts, please consider donating or volunteering.


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